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Welcome to OnCourse

Posted by Amit January 14, 2011 4:01pm

Photo Credit: Megan Hunter

Welcome one and all to OnCourse, a blog dedicated to providing you, the reader, a timely, informative and pertinent look at stories affecting the financial industry.

Why OnCourse?

With our commitment of being at the forefront of opinion and information regarding everyday topics that affect banks, credit unions and other financial services, we want to share with you our technical knowledge and experiences to help guide your plans and decisions in this changing industry of increased regulatory scrutiny and safety & soundness. In an era of bank failures, drastic changes and emerging threats to the industry, our aim as a risk management firm is to supply timely communication of relevant, evolving issues.  Our technical experts hope to intrigue you with our ideas, invigorate you with our commentary and tackle the questions you have yet to ask, to help give you achieve an informed view of your ever changing world.

Daily, we will provide commentary (sometimes informative, sometimes speculative - always entertaining) on the stories and events of the moment. Whether it is a new regulation just announced, a multi-million dollar Internet bank heist or how other community financial institutions are learning to adapt and grow in this new era, OnCourse will be there to shine a spotlight on the stories that are important to you.

We look forward to the opportunity to guide you through the sometimes muddled, but always interesting, waters of the financial institutions industry - and hope you enjoy the trip.

We will.


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