Setting the Course

P&G Associates understands that financial institutions should expect more from their service provider when it comes to the identification and assessment of the existing risks in the loan portfolio. We strive to provide not only an independent and objective viewpoint, but ensure that your institution’s credit management efforts are set on the right path.

At P&G, we believe in Credit Quality Management, in which we work as an extension of your institution to identify and resolve the core issues affecting your loans. We provide a personalized, adaptable service that revolves around our understanding of your institution’s culture, underwriting standards and regulatory credit concerns.

Credit Risk Management

P&G is characterized by its dedicated and experienced professionals. We employ the use of “subject matter experts” who understand the evolving credit landscape and the related risks. Their cumulative years of focused and dedicated experience in credit risk are intended to assist your institution in being proactive in managing the credit quality of your loan portfolio. P&G’s experts in loan review bring over 20 years of experience and understanding of the field.

Solutions for Credit Management

  • Co-sourced and outsourced loan reviews
  • Periodic independent credit quality review function that can be customized to meet your institution’s specific needs. This review function can include all or certain components of the following:
    • Credit risk rating of individual loans supported by an individual loan analysis
    • Loan documentation review
    • Assessment of risk trends and underwriting standards on a portfolio-wide basis
    • Assessment of the data input process for new and existing credit facilities
    • Assessment of portfolio management processes
    • Stress test assessment of individual credit facilities and the overall portfolio
  • Portfolio acquisition reviews – Assessment of potential loan credit risk relative to individual or pool of loans. Our experienced individuals understand the timeliness of such reviews.
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses - The objectives of the “ALLL” reserve methodology and validation are to determine whether:
    • The methodology for calculating the allowance for loan losses (“ALLL”) is reasonable.
    • The ALLL is prepared utilizing such methodology on a consistent basis.
    • Charges to the account for uncollectible loans are appropriately authorized.
    • Adequate internal control procedures are in operation.

Lender Services

Tailored programs that are designed to accommodate and service experienced Asset Based Lenders or Commercial lenders requesting a field examination for the first time. Services include:

  • Recurring Field Examinations
  • Survey Examinations
  • Accounts Receivable Confirmations
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis
  • Accounts Payable Detail
  • Inventory Analysis

Our turn-key solutions are designed to meet the evolving regulatory emphasis regarding the adequacy of the asset quality of institutions. Our experience relative to both small and large institutions provides us with a unique and balanced perspective to meet your specific needs.

Risk Management Solutions

P&G Associates understands the evolving regulatory emphasis and intricacies of the loan review process, and has developed a comprehensive, in-depth program that encompasses more than just the traditional review of individual loans.

  • Internally developed loan review model specifically designed for community banks.
  • Consistency and transparency in loan risk rating
  • Assessment of portfolio wide inherent credit risks
  • Ongoing assessment of institution specific rating trends and credit drivers
  • Senior Credit Risk specialists who understand the evolving industry landscape

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