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Do you need a bank holding company?

For years, the vast majority of U.S. banks have used a bank holding company (BHC) structure. Recently, however, several prominent regional banks have elected to shed their BHCs by merging them into their subsidiary banks. This development has many community banks wondering whether the BHC model has become obsolete. This article discusses the pros and cons of using the BHC structure. A sidebar looks at the advantages of small BHC status. Click for more >>

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Keeping due diligence on the front burner

Every banker knows the importance of due diligence in determining whether to make a loan. This article suggests some due diligence steps to take to help lenders dig deeper and ensure the bank’s loan portfolio is more secure. These steps include assessing risk from many angles and evaluating the reliability of the financial information a borrower provides. The article points out that, to minimize the potential for problems down the line, uncertainty needs to be quantified, documented and analyzed. Click for more >>

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Growing pains
5 tips for boosting core deposits

As interest rates continue to rise, competition among banks for core deposits is heating up. This creates a challenge for community banks striving to grow their core deposits to fund lending activities. This article offers five tips for attracting core deposits while keeping costs under control, such as the need to avoid short-term fixes, focus on service and specialize. Click for more >>

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This summary of recent developments in banking discusses the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s (FinCEN’s) attempt to combat money laundering and other fraudulent activities via its recent Beneficial Ownership Rule. It also notes that some lenders are considering the use of alternative data to expand access to credit for people with thin credit histories or negative items on their credit reports, and explains that the federal banking agencies have clarified that supervisory guidance “does not have the force and effect of law.” Click for more >>

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